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Hawaii Auto Insurance Reform (1995-97)

If you had car insurance in Hawai’i before 1997, you can well appreciate our successful 30-month political battle (1995-1997) for auto insurance reform. Hawaii’s car insurance rates dropped from the 2nd highest in the nation to #20 in 1999 because of our work. Read the 1999 Pacific Business News story HERE.

Because of this landmark reform, in 2012 Hawai`i was rated “the third most-affordable in the nation”. Read the 07-31-12 Honolulu Star-Advertiser article, We’ve got you covered: Car insurance rates are among the lowest in the nation, a report finds HERE. NOTE: You will need to open your browser window for more easy reading. This is a very old digital article.

The 2+ year car insurance reform effort was won on behalf of Hawaii’s consumers only after the two most powerful Hawaii State Senators were “de-throned” — removed from office via the 1996 election process. We will be posting many other documents and myriad political cartoons related to this statewide coordinated action as time permits.

NOTE: After all was said and done, researching, printing and then distributing only a few hundred of the following matrix in the “right” places finally won the day. In addition to the key State legislators, even the average person was able to see the money connections. Once this information was revealed, the opposition to our reform effort all but ceased.

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