Advocates For Consumer Rights



AFCR is supporting two important issues during the 2017 State Legislative Session which begins on January 19, 2017.

1) If you want to help create a more affordable and efficient healthcare system for all concerned in Hawai`i, please visit our “Single Payer” page HERE. Is Single Payer THE answer to all of our problems? We do not know for certain, but this is a long-needed political debate that needs to take place because the existing system is surely broken and we must somehow get the corporate profit motive completely OUT of healthcare. Also see the Healthcare For All Facebook page HERE.

2) If you’re interested is seeing a Death With Dignity bill passed in 2017, please visit the Hawai`i Death With Dignity Society HERE and add your name to the email list.

Mahalo for your interest. – Scott Foster, Communications Director.


Thanks to your efforts on Oahu, we had another great success during the 2016 elections regarding the proposed 2016 Honolulu County Charter amendments — and we defeated the most onerous; the proposed “Amendment 15” which would have increased term limits from two to three 4-year terms for the mayor and council members and institute a term limit for the city prosecutor. Congratulations! Read the complete list HERE



Thanks to you, the informed Hawai`i consumer, in May of 2015, AFCR entered our third decade. Read our proud history HERE. While we have additional documented history to add to this, our third major Web site upgrade, and a few more technical “bells & whistles” to install, our work continues in the present with an understanding of the past and a keen eye towards the future. Please like and follow our recently reconfigured Facebook page HERE.

We are non-partisan, we raise no money and we are all volunteers. Who are our “members”? Anyone who hears our message, who will take the time to educate themselves about the issue at hand and will then actively participate in the democratic process to help effect positive change in important public policy. Mahalo for supporting our work through the years. — Scott Foster, Co-Founder & Communications Director.

NOTE: On November 26, 2015, the New York Times published a retrospective article on our mentor and co-founder, Ralph Nader: “50 Years Ago, ‘Unsafe at Any Speed’ Shook the Auto World.” Read the article HERE.