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May 2021 

Thanks to you, the informed Hawai`i Consumer, Advocates For Consumer Rights (AFCR) is in our fourth decade working for the interests of Hawaii’s beleaguered consumers. Explore our proud history of public policy accomplishments at “Our History” in the menu bar. Our work continues in the present with an understanding of the past and a keen eye towards the future.

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Who Are We?

AFCR is nonpartisan, we raise no money and are all volunteers. Who are our “members”? Anyone who hears our message, who will take the time to educate themselves about the issue at hand and will actively participate in the democratic process to help make positive change in important public policy. Mahalo for supporting our work through the years. — Scott Foster, Co-Founder & volunteer Communications Director.



“The U.S. Navy’s Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility in Honolulu leaked 27,000 gallons of fuel from a single tank in January 2014.

This fuel was released into the surrounding environment, including the primary drinking water resource for metropolitan Oʻahu, which lies just 100 feet below the Red Hill facility.

The 2014 leak resulted in a 20-year agreement between the U.S. Navy, Environmental Protection Agency, Defense Logistics Agency, and the Hawaiʻi Department of Health to study, monitor and consider improvements to the storage facility. However, this was not the only leak in the Red Hill facility’s long history—records show that the facility has leaked at least 200,000 gallons of fuel since construction.

The Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi believes that the responsible agencies are not acting with enough urgency to minimize the risk to Oʻahu’s drinking water supply and are calling for the shut down of the Red Hill facility. LEARN MORE HERE



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