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October, 2018


Thanks to you, the informed Hawai`i consumer, AFCR is in our third decade advocating for the interests of Hawaii’s beleaguered consumer. Read our proud history HERE. Our work continues in the present with an understanding of the past and a keen eye towards the future. Please “like” our Facebook page and join our email list in the right column on your computer (or at the bottom of this page on a Smart phone).

We are non-partisan, we raise no money and are all volunteers. Who are our “members”? Anyone who hears our message, who will take the time to educate themselves about the issue at hand and will actively participate in the democratic process to help effect positive change in important public policy. Mahalo for supporting our work through the years. — Scott Foster, Co-Founder & Communications Director.

NOTE: To view the list and details of our many past successes on a computer, hover your curser over “Our History” in the above menu bar. All are displayed if using a smart phone.

2018 Legislative Update

Partnering with local and national organizations and individuals, AFCR again wrote testimony to support or oppose numerous important public policy issues during the 2018 State Legislative Session. We supported the following laws which were passed during the 2018 Legislative Session:

– PASSED: Medical Aid In Dying – after 16 long years!

– PASSED: Doubled the funding for the the Kupuna (seniors) Caregiver Act

– PASSED: Pesticide Disclosure & Buffer Zones

PASSED: The ban on sunscreen products containing Oxybenzone to protect Hawaii’s fragile reefs

PASSED: Funding for three additional Neighbor Island emergency vehicles

PASSED: The “Bob Nakata” $800 million affordable housing Act

PASSED: Regulation of unlicensed senior care facilities

Also, the state Office of Information Practices (OIP) has prepared this “Quick Review” HERE to explain the major changes to the Hawai`i State Sunshine Law that will take effect on July 1, 2018, as a result of Act 64, (House Bill 165, SLH 2017). AFCR has worked consistently through the years to improve and to see Hawaii’s Sunshine Law enforced. A special “Mahalo” to Common Cause Hawai`i for their ongoing efforts to bring more sunshine into Hawai`i government! Consider Joining this active and effective organization.

To say that Hawai`i voters are fed up with the cronyism, nepotism and the disgusting “veil of secrecy” enveloping our local democratic processes and the resulting legislative failures of many of Hawaii’s elected officials would be a great understatement. In 2018, a growing number of politically-astute residents and community groups are organizing politically as rarely seen.

Several large local groups have recently been organized and are raising money to identify, train and support Progressive candidates for the 2018 Primary and beyond. They are working to challenge at least 10 particularly egregious entrenched elected officials.

Read some of the scathing local media stories about the 2017 Legislative Session HERE.  Although the 2018 Legislative Session has been judged to be “somewhat better,” the elephant in the room is Hawaii’s dire affordable housing situation and our many homeless. Many of Hawaii’s homeless are working families. Read the United Way’s Alice Report on Hawai`i HERE  


If you’re interested in helping to implement our 2018 Physician Aid In Dying legislation, please visit the Hawai`i Death With Dignity Society Web page HERE and add your name to the email list. The Catholic Church and other Conservative churches will stop at nothing to keep our bill from being implemented as is taking place now in California. If a lawsuit is filled in Hawai`i, we must be ready and will again need “all hands on deck” to deal with that.

Only one example of the power of the Conservative Christians in Hawai`i during their 2009 political rally against Marriage Equality at the State Capitol.

Only one example of the power of the Conservative Christians in Hawai`i during their 2009 political rally against Marriage Equality at the State Capitol.

Mahalo for your interest and active participation. –  Scott Foster, AFCR Communications Director

“Activism is something that no one can fake. You get angry. You cry. But you never throw in your towel, because that anger is what is propelling you to further action.” ~ Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Prize Laureate and Liberian Peace Activist



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